100-year-old home being renovated for veterans

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- "For a house to be sitting empty as long as it has and be in this condition is ridiculous. We have all the French doors and everything that goes with it."

Little by little Randolph McKinney is getting to know the five-bedroom, 100-year-old home he and two others purchased for $4,500. The house sat empty for more than 20 years and was on the verge of being torn down. That is, until McKinney had a vision of what it could be.

He decided he could renovate it and turn it into a group home for veterans.

"Most of our VA vets in Memphis are homeless or dealing with mental issues. No one wants to take them in, and to me that's a travesty."

He hopes to get most of the work done in about a month and is already getting help from neighbors. A woman bought the lot next door to the house to turn it into a community garden.

They say this is not just about beautifying the area, but saving the neighborhood.

"This is a community thing. It's an I love Memphis thing."

McKinney is already looking at other properties in the area that could be rehabbed.

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