Woman admitted to lying to police about missing child to recover stolen car faster

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Memphis Police say 22-year-old Elbenie Edwards admitted she lied to police about her son, one-year-old Isiah Edwards, being in her vehicle when it was stolen Thursday.


She said she wanted to get her vehicle back as well as the belongings in it.

That lie spread like wildfire not just throughout the city of Memphis, but throughout the state after an Amber Alert was issued.

Isiah Edwards/Photo: Family

"I had to straighten up and say wait a minute! That's Isiah! So my grand daughter called me and said, 'Grandma! You see Elbenie baby on TV?' I said, 'Yeah, what's going on?' She said, 'Grandma, Elbenie done lied that baby got kidnapped,'" Shirley Hopkins, Isiah's great grandmother told WREG.

Shaquille Wideman, who Edwards apparently knows, is facing theft charges after police said the 18-year-old stole her Chevy Cruze from a gas station off Knight Arnold.

We did some digging and discovered it wasn't long ago police dealt with a similar situation as yesterdays. Last May, police said Marquis Lurry admitted she lied to police about a missing child to locate her car. That statement led police on a five hour search. Turns out the child didn't even exist! She wanted police to find her car faster.

Police said anyone who does this could face some serious charges.

"We want to encourage people just tell the truth. Be honest. You know, let's not waste resources."