Judge wants to make security changes to 100 North Main

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- The sign outside of 100 North Main says no trespassing and Environmental Court Judge Larry Potter wants it to stay that way--laying out a plan for the building Friday.

Flames shooting out of the iconic downtown skyscraper this week might've been the last straw.

"Any individual found in that structure who does not have a legal reason to be there the court is asking that the Attorney General's Office deal with those individuals in a very firm manner."

That was one of the main take a ways in environmental court early Friday morning. Judge Potter said there's a problem with trespassers coming into the city's tallest building.

In a meeting, attorneys and property officials discussed with the judge ways to tighten security like adding an extra guard, asking police to patrol nearby and possibly adding Sky Cop cameras. Judge Potter also requested some of the outside hardware allowing people inside the parking garage be removed.

For Farhat Othmani, who owns Qahwa coffee shop just feet away from the rundown high rise, added security is a step in the right direction, but he's hoping for more long term answers to help his business.

"It's not like what I thought. Maybe I was more positive at the beginning now facing the reality we don't even know what's the future for this building."