Siri scam could hold up emergency lines

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CNN Wire

LONOKE, Ark. — When you need to make that emergency call, you hope to hear a 911 operator promptly on the other end, but three other simple little numbers could hold up the line.


“The fact that it calls 911 and backs up their calls, if there’s a real emergency, that’s a big deal.”

Sergeant Adrian Page with Lonoke police said he’s seen more and more posts on social media suggesting iPhone users tell Siri to call 108 as a prank.

The number is for emergency services in India, but can be rerouted to local dispatchers as a panic code. For smaller towns that only have a handful of dispatchers, that could tie up the lines for those in real emergencies.

While Lonoke police haven’t had any troubles so far with the prank, they’re warning everyone to stay away from dialing those numbers.