Police search for duo who shot and tried to carjack a downtown restaurant employee

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- WREG has learned a downtown Memphis restaurant employee was allegedly shot during an attempted carjacking in the South Main area Tuesday night.

Loved ones say Mike Nelson remains in critical condition at the hospital.

Nelson reportedly just got off work at the Green Beetle Bar and Grill. It's on the corner of Vance and South Main. It was just before 10 p.m. Tuesday.

His coworkers say he was getting into his car when two men ran up, tried to carjack him and then shot him in the back.

"Pulled the blinds open, and I saw two gentlemen. Young, maybe early twenties, ran across the street," said Keith Ashford.

He called it eerie. An unnerving situation that seems too familiar.

Last summer, police said a man, John Kenny, carjacked and shot a guy leaving work at another bar and grill downtown.

It's important to note, carjackings aren't just happening downtown.

Already this year, nearly 30 carjackings were reported across Memphis.

Last year, 195 were reported. That's up 28 percent from 2015.

The numbers seem insignificant when you meet the victims.

Coworkers said Nelson is a truly good person with the best attitude.

They started a fundraiser knowing he'll be out of work for some time. They want to help a man they say constantly helps others.

If you'd like to help their efforts, click here.

As of Wednesday night, no arrests have been made.