Did a Mid-South officer steal Crime Stoppers cash?

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HOLLY SPRINGS, Miss. -- Crime Stoppers cash is supposed to help catch criminals, but a Mid-South officer may have used it to help themselves to thousands of dollars.

"It's always a very unfortunate situation when you hear any case where an officer or public official had any question about the use of public funds," said Mayor Kelvin Buck.

A Holly Springs police officer is at the center of an investigation by the state auditor after thousands of dollars disappeared from its Crime Stoppers fund.

"We've been alerted to who that officer is but I think it would be premature for us to say anything because we just don't have enough information," said Mayor Buck.

Mayor Buck did reveal to WREG that somewhere between $8,000 to $10,000 may be gone and he didn't have any idea anything was wrong until he was contacted by the state auditor's office.

He said a state agency handles the funds and that's why the state is conducting the investigation.

However, Holly Springs police are accountable for how the Crime Stoppers money is spent.

"They do have a checks and balance process by which those funds can be accounted for, they have to do it because it's public money," said Mayor Buck.

That's another reason the city attorney is worried about the possible misuse of taxpayer dollars.

"I think it's a tragic incident and I don't know that it is to be true and that's the reason we're having the investigation now," said City Attorney Shirley Byers.

While we don't know the timeline of the state auditor's investigation, the city attorney said if the city finds any wrongdoing by any city employee, the city will take disciplinary action.