Couple recovering after hydroplaning into Shelby County deputy

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A couple is recovering after slick roads caused them to collide with a Shelby County deputy on I-40.

Even those just passing through Memphis on vacation found themselves worried about the people involved in the Wednesday morning crash.

"I’ll tell you what, every time I hear an ambulance going down the road with their lights and their sirens, I’m sitting there saying a prayer for whoever they are fixing to go pick up," said Wayne Foster.

A smashed truck grill, plenty of traffic and two in the hospital all proved just how dangerous slick roads can be.

"Doesn’t take nothing to hydroplane because I did that when I was 18 delivering car parts in Alabama," added Foster.

According to police, that’s exactly what happened to a couple driving along I-40 near Covington Pike; they hydroplaned and lost control. A Shelby County deputy watched it all unfold and couldn’t avoid hitting the truck.

Foster recalled the time he found himself behind the wheel of an out-of-control vehicle on a wet road.

"I came over a hill, there it was. I had no way of seeing it before I got there. Before I knew it, I was hydroplaning. I slid all the way across the median, and out of all the people I hit an undercover agent from the FBI," he said.

At that moment decades ago, he closed his eyes and prayed for traction. Fortunately, no one was hurt, and the damage was minor.

Today his prayer was a little different. Now he’s praying the man in critical condition and the woman in noncritical condition are OK.

The deputy was not injured in the crash. The couple was transported to the Regional Medical Center.