UTHSC showing off campus improvement progress

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Staff at the University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center spent part of Tuesday showing off construction and renovation progress.

The state is investing $70 million for the changes, and the state and university donations are also pushing the campus changes forward.

"We are in an evolutionary peak that this university has not seen since its inception," said executive vice chancellor and chief operations officer Dr. Kennard Brown.

Mayor Jim Strickland got an up-close look at the plans to take the campus to a whole new level.

Strickland said he’d never been inside, but he drives by the campus like many Memphians without knowing what they're doing.

"The growth in the medical center in the next few years is going to be dramatic," said Strickland.

"We have buildings from the 40s that we will use $70 million to renovate buildings that have been off-line 20 years," added Brown.

Plans are in place for a new Interprofessional Simulation and Patient Safety Center, where students from all six campuses will train together in simulation settings will open in late summer.

"We want to be a state-of-art academic medical center. We're in competition with well-funded private institutions," said Brown.

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