Elderly family man fatally shot by friend

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Whether smiling for his wedding photo or posing with the grandkid, Maurice Horton always had a smile on his face -- a very different image than what his wife, Greta, saw Monday as he was lying on a hospital bed.

"I saw my husband cry first time in my life in 29 years. He didn't even cry at his own mom's funeral."

He was crying from severe pain after a bullet ripped through the 74-year-old's body while at a home on Hanwood Avenue.

The shooter, 82-year-old Roosevelt Hodge, was a man many described as Horton's friend.

"He made a mistake. He thought that man was somebody else," said Callan Tucker.

Horton's nephew concurred.

"It was just a freaky thing that happened. We don't blame the man," said the victim's nephew Michael Miner.

But his daughter said she's just not buying that explanation.

"Sir, if you are who they say, you're his friend, why you didn't look? Why? Why?"

Police have not said whether Hodge will face any charges.

The daughter started a GoFundMe page to cover the cost of the burial.

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