Despite triple shooting at Whitehaven complex, stats show crime is down

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- WREG is pressing Memphis Police for answers after three people, including a teenager, were shot at a Whitehaven apartment complex.

It happened at the New Horizon Apartments Tuesday night.

Police have not said if anyone has been arrested for the two shootings they believe are connected.

WREG spent the day digging into the complex's history and discovered despite violence in the past, statistics show things are improving there.

On Wednesday people WREG spoke with were surprised by the gunfire.

"We don't have as much shooting and all that like we used to have," said one resident.

On Wednesday WREG watched as security screened vehicles coming into the complex. A Shelby County nonprofit said right now crime at the large complex is down.

"For instance in 2016 January and February, 491 calls for police service to that property but for the same time this year only 275," explained Janine Heiner Buchanan, the managing director at Safeways, a nonprofit that works to improve apartment safety. She tracks crime numbers for complexes.

She said overall in the city of Memphis, crime is down compared to this time last year. She said New Horizon is no different. With the exception of domestic violence calls being up, shots fired and fight calls have been cut in half compared to this time last year.

"But what I really see is that last year security had only arrested eight people at this time and this year — 20," she explained.

Which means security is being active.

One longtime resident agrees things have improved. He credited a new manager.

"Probably been awhile since someone was shot over here," he said.

However, for the families of the recent victims, one shooting is too many. Heiner Buchanan agrees. Shes working with local lawmakers for stiffen penalties for those who trespass on complex property and urges people who live at the complex to speak up.

"You hear shots fired, call them in. Even if you know MPD might be so busy, it takes them an hour to get there and even when they get there, there is nothing they can do because the people are gone. We need a record of those things happening," she said.

WREG reached out to New Horizon, but when we identified who we were, the person who answered the phone hung up on us.