Police investigating fight near Wooddale High, victims say attackers yelled racial slurs

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A big fight broke out Friday near Wooddale High School, and it was caught on camera.

The two victims told police they were walking home from Wooddale High School when a mob of classmates approached them and yelled racial slurs. They said several of the people punched them in the face and kicked them.

Their mother told police they attacked her sons, because they are Hispanic.

Everyone had left by the time officers arrived at the scene. One of the people who called police about the fight said there were about 100 people.

The victims said they didn't know the names of the people who assaulted them but did know they were fellow Wooddale High students.

Police said the victims had bruises all over their faces.

Another woman told WREG her brother and another student were also attacked that afternoon by the same mob. She said they too are Hispanic.

She and other victims' families are calling this a hate crime.

MPD is investigating this as a simple assault right now and have yet to say those two other students were attacked as well.

Warning: The below video of the fight includes profanity. Viewer discretion is advised.