More than $300K raised so kids can keep family home after both parents die of cancer days apart

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WIRRAL PENINSULA, England — Tragedy struck the Bennet family not once, but twice, in one week.

Father Mike Bennet died of a brain tumor Feb. 6, and the mother, Julie Bennet, died of liver and kidney cancer just five days later.

And after that, tragedy threatened to strike again. The Bennet kids, ages 21, 18 and 13, were going to lose their family home, and the older siblings risked not being able to continue their education.

But in darkness comes light, and the community — and then the world — came together to help, The Times reported.

Both friends and strangers donated, nearby schools chipped in and fundraising events were planned. A JustGiving campaign raised £276,820, or about $338,000, which covered the mortgage payments, education and basic necessities.

The three are taking everyone’s kindness to heart and are hoping to be able to give back.

“We now have enough financial security,” Luke Bennet told The Times. “We said it would be nice — we don’t know exactly what the bills are going to be — but it would be nice if we could put a portion of it towards other charitable things. Hopefully give back some of the generosity we have received.”

With the help of a family friend, Luke will also take on a guardianship role to his 13-year-old brother Oliver.

“As we all prepare to move on with our lives, we know that they will always remain with us in our hearts, forever there to encourage us to eat our vegetables, climb on top of dangerous piles of rubble and follow our dreams,” Luke said at the funeral. “For them, we always will.”