Gas selling for 79 cents in Houston due to bidding war

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Photo: KTRK via CNN Newsource

HOUSTON — No, your eyes are not deceiving you — this is not from the 1970s.

A sign in Houston says 79 cents for a gallon of unleaded gas, and it’s all thanks to a good old-fashioned price war, KTRK reported.

The supervisor at the station said they dropped their prices because a competitor across the street kept lowering theirs.

Both stations were at 79 cents Sunday.

As you can imagine, word spread fast.

“I couldn’t believe it, but I think that it’s great. We haven’t seen those type of prices in God knows how long,” a woman said.

“If it’s a gas war going on, I hope it’s a trend that goes around the city because we definitely need it in these times,” a man said.

“The cheapest bottle of water…is 99 cents. And our one gallon of gas is 79 cents a gallon,” another man said.

Later, the competing station took it step further, dropping to 78 cents.

Drivers were encouraged to come fill up now, as there’s no telling how long the low prices will last.