Women hit multiple motels in Arkansas

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MARKED TREE, Ark. -- With no mask and no gun, a woman is caught on camera trying to pry open a door at the TravelAir Motel in Marked Tree Tuesday.

"They want to see the room."

Owner Dinesh Patel said it started when the woman wanted to see a room. He said he left to show it to her.

While he's gone, four of her friends hop out of a Toyota minivan and start circling the motel, trying to pry open windows, doors and anything else they can find.

They left a lot of damage behind.

"I didn`t see the activity around this area and on backside."

Ultimately the group left empty-handed, but the next day they were spotted at three other motels in Marion, Heth and Forrest City.

"Once I watched the video, I was shocked."

Officers Tommy Hampton said each time, they attempted the same trick.

"In 12 years in law enforcement, I`ve never seen how just blatant... out in the open at 3 o`clock in the afternoon. They just didn`t have a care in the world."

Patel said it was hours before he noticed the damage to his motel and realized what the women were up to.

Patel also said the group tried to pull some type of magic trick on him using a one dollar bill.

"After that I — hypnotism on it ... so I don`t know what after that was happen with me."