Teen shot by Osceola Police officer facing a list of charges

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OSCEOLA, Ark.-- The Osceola Police Chief said officer Jennifer Ephlin is back on the job.

This is after a Arkansas prosecuting attorney decided an officer-involved shooting where Ephlin shot a teenager in the back was accidental.

16-year-old Zyrion Matlock was shot back on February 24. He is now recovering.

This isn’t the first time WREG has reported on Ephlin.

In 2012, she was accused of cyber bullying one of her daughter's classmates and was eventually terminated.

She then went on to work part time for two other police agencies and was never disciplined.

The Osceola Police Department eventually re-hired her.

Shortly after the February shooting, Matlock's sister Paris, told WREG the only thing her brother was guilty of was staying out too late.

"He has a gun on him! We see it on the news all the time, a white officer with a young guy and a gun and them don’t usually end well," she exclaimed.

However a few weeks later WREG is learning startling accusations against her brother, Zyrion, depicting the high school athlete as far from innocent. He’s now charged with aggravated robbery, kidnapping, endangering the welfare of a minor and engaging in violent group activity.

According to police, Zyrion Matlock and two other minors showed up to a man’s house and demanded money.

The man told them all he had was his ATM card. He said they forced him into his car. They went to the Shell gas station off I-55 to use the ATM. Turns out the victim works there.

When he went inside he discreetly told a coworker to call police.

Officers, including Ephlin arrived shortly after.

She claims as she was trying to take Matlock into custody when her gun accidentally discharged, striking him in the back.

As Matlock was taken to the hospital, officers arrested the other minors.

Detectives said one of the teens admitted the trio attempted to rob the Shell station employee because they saw money in his pocket earlier in the day and they pulled a gun on him.

Bond was set at $150,000 each for the juveniles.

WREG reached out to Matlock’s family multiple times for a response to the charges but have not heard back.