Teen shot by Osceola officer was involved in kidnapping according to police

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Zyrion Matlock/Photo: Family

OSCEOLA, Ark. — New information from the Osceola Police Department indicates a teenager who was shot by an officer was involved in a kidnapping.

Zyrion Matlock, 16, was shot in the lower back as he ran from an officer and got into a car.

The officer said her gun discharged accidentally and a prosecutor agreed.

Police say Matlock and two other juveniles forced their way into a home and told the man inside they wanted his money and one pulled a gun.

The man said he had no cash, but they could go to an ATM.

The three men reportedly forced the victim into a car and drove to the Shell station where the victim worked and where an ATM was located.

The victim was able to signal for help.

When police arrived, officers said the teens scattered and that’s when Matlock was shot.

He was treated in a Memphis hospital and released a few hours after the shooting.