Several Latino business targeted by thieves

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. --It was a Monday Raul Plata will never forget.

The restaurant owner was closing up for the night when two men came inside his business on Macon Road armed with guns.

Before he knew it, one of those guns was pointed at his head, as the masked men demanded he take them to the register.

"I was fearful," Plata said. "I was scared."

Once he opened the register, them made him lay face down on the floor with the gun still pointed at his head. He said he simply cooperated because he didn't want to spook them.

He was in fear for his life.

Police said Monday night's robbery is just a string of recent robberies targeting Latino businesses.

Two weeks ago, Caminos De Michoacan was hit, followed by El Ranchito Taqueria and La Fiesta Supermarket. Plata said the detective on his case also said a gas station had been robbed before the thieves hit him.

The news is disappointing for those like Plata who are simply trying to make a living for their families. To make matters worse, some businesses are scared to report the crimes for personal concerns.

Employees hope this latest robbery will make police step up their patrols.