Oxford woman’s quick thinking lands attacker behind bars

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OXFORD, Miss. -- A quick-thinking woman got herself out of a terrifying ordeal when a 40-year-old man tried to sexually assault her while she was walking home.

The woman told authorities the suspect, Tony Jones, approached her on the street, asking if she wanted a ride.

That's where things get hazy.

The woman said the next thing she remembers is she was inside a house and Jones was attempting to sexually assault her. She said Jones wedged a baseball bat against a door so she couldn’t get out.

She began yelling, pushed Jones off of her, removed the bat and made it outside.

During her escape, she took a picture of Jones’ vehicle and tag number and handed it over to police. She was also able to identify Jones in a lineup.

It’s unclear if the victim is a student at Ole Miss. Police also would not say where on Jackson Avenue the woman was approached but the road runs next to the University.

Jones’ bond was set of $25,000.