North Carolina giraffe dies in zoo accident

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ASHEBORO, N.C. — The North Carolina Zoo is mourning the loss of one of its giraffes.

Zookeepers found 9-year-old Jamili unresponsive Tuesday morning. The zoo said she got tangled up in an enrichment item.

The item has been used for years with the giraffes and has never caused any problems, the zoo said. Nevertheless, the zoo said it is reviewing its safety policies and procedures.

Jamili was in a behind-the-scenes area at the time, so zoo visitors did not witness the death.

Jamili was born in 2008 at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She moved to North Carolina the next year, and “keepers were immediately taken by Jamili’s easygoing personality,” the zoo wrote.

She is the mother to a 4-year-old giraffe, Juma, who is at the Maryland Zoo, and she recently became a grandmother when Juma gave birth to a female calf last month.