Homeowner shoots would-be crook in East Memphis

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- An East Memphis homeowner fought back, shooting a would-be crook after he broke into his home early Tuesday morning.

According to authorities, an ambulance was called to a home on Sturgeon Street around 2:30 a.m..

"He jumped John's fence and then came over here and said 'Call the police, call the police. He been shot.'"

Maurice Wright said he nearly came face to face with that burglar. He said the man broke out the glass in his security door and tried to get inside his house.

Wright said before he could even call police they were outside his home, responding to two other break-ins in the neighborhood.

John Higgins was at work when his next door neighbor shot the intruder, but discovered that someone had also tried to break-in the back of his house. He was relieved he wasn't there when all this happened, and said his neighbor did the right thing.

"You've got to defend yourself because 90% of the time the guys supposed to be in jail you know."

Wright said if forced to he would have defended himself too.

"Crazy. People like that you just have to pray for them."