Great-grandmother repeatedly punched while inside Atlanta Walmart store

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ATLANTA — A great-grandmother is recovering after reportedly being punched multiple times in the head at her local Walmart store.

The woman said she was in the store early Sunday morning, driving a mobility scooter down the bread aisle, when another lady suddenly stepped in front of her and began cussing.

“You’re the b****,” she reportedly said to the older woman.

As she tried to navigate the scooter around the woman, the attacker punched her once from behind. The woman then got back in front of her and continued to hit her in the face.

“I kept screaming ‘Help.’ Nobody came,” she told WSB-TV.

Security eventually made the scene to help the victim.

The attacker in this case has been identified, authorities said. She is facing simple assault and battery charges.

It’s also still unclear what set the woman off in the first place.