Officials investigating human remains found in Panola County

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PANOLA COUNTY, Miss. — Bartlett Police have recovered the remains of a person in Panola County.

The Panola County medical examiner, Gracie Grant-Gulledge, said officers from Panola County and Bartlett were recently searching for the remains.

She said the Mississippi state medical examiner expects to help her identify the remains this week.

The wife of Sanjay Patel, who disappeared in October and is believed to be the victim of a homicide, told WREG Bartlett Police believe the remains may be of Patel. However, that won't be confirmed until authorities can identify the remains.

Landowner John Avery said his son spotted the remains while hunting on their remote tree farm off Highway 51 near Pope.

"He picked this green thing up, unzipped it and the smell was terrible," Avery said. "Then he saw the top of the skull."

Avery's son called the Panola County Sheriff's Office and Medical Examiner to investigate February 25.

Grant-Gulledge said she brought a cadaver dog later that week to help search the property.

"We were only able to locate mostly bones and teeth because of the time stamp from the possible body being dumped in the area," Grant-Gulledge said.

Patel owned Five Star Wine and Spirits on Houston Levee Road. Authorities say he disappeared from his store and was last seen with a man named Marcus Perry.

Sources told WREG they think Perry killed Patel, dumped his body in Panola County and then committed suicide inside a Bartlett home.

Bartlett Police posted on Facebook about Perry's possible connection to Panola County.

Avery did not know Perry or why he might have chosen his land.

"It does my son and me great good if it would bring closure to [Patel's family] because not knowing where your loved one is, having no idea, that’s gotta be a terrible thing," Avery said.