Speed Repping allows for one on one conversations with city officials

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Speed Repping. It was a chance for regular citizens to sit down one on one with elected and appointed leaders of Memphis and Shelby County.

"I am going to ask the mayor about the programs in the Westwood community and how he and Mayor Strickland are going to work jointly and make sure we are included," said citizen Ruth Banks.

Delores Malone said she wanted to talk about our city's children.

"I'm concerned, I don`t mind speaking out about our children and how these young people are getting into gangs."

On Monday, all of these citizens were able to take their individual questions and concerns to our city officials -- getting three minutes each per conversation.

At the end of the day, Mayor Jim Strickland said it was a great way to hear citizens' concerns.

"It's been very positive and people want really legitimate help from the city, and I look forward to helping them."