Oklahoma special needs teen allegedly attacked outside bowling alley

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EL RENO, Okla. — Several Oklahoma teens are facing charges after they were caught on camera beating a special needs students outside an El Reno bowling alley.

In the video obtained by KFOR, you can see several guys stomp on the 17-year-old last Friday night. According to his parents, the teen was hanging out at the bowling alley, when they started picking on him.

The bowling alley manager confirmed that words were exchanged.

“But, even if he did, he never physically tried to fight, and that’s part of being autistic,” said one of the teen’s parents. “You say things that are socially awkward sometimes. But, I feel like these kids have known him long enough to know that.”

They said that’s when their son tried to leave, and he was followed outside. The situation reportedly escalated quickly.

In one instance, the boy could be seen cowering on the ground, covering his head as one boy in particular continues to stomp and kick him.

Authorities have identified two of the teens involved in the beating. They are reportedly 13 and14 years old. They will be charged in the incident.

The 17-year-old was able to make it home after the incident. He suffered a large gash to his head, a swollen eye and had a concussion.

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