Memphis Black Restaurant Week features good food and great bargains

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Make room on your dinning schedule for Memphis Black Restaurant Week.

It's the second year for the event which highlights black-owned eateries in Memphis.

This year the fourteen "featured" restaurants will be offering special meal deals and menus that range from traditional to vegan.

Aryen Moore-Alston knows that nothing brings people together like good food.

The former Food Network contestant owns Sweet Potato Baby restaurant in Memphis.

"We do all types of things, and sometimes we do a little soul. But for the most part that's not all we do," said Aryen Moore-Alston.

Sweet Potato Baby is one of fourteen black owned eateries featured during Memphis Black Restaurant Week.

Moore-Alston is anxious for new diners to "pull up a chair."

"But just getting that notoriety and people get to know who we are and what kind of services we offer. So it's a good thing, it's a good thing for our community and the community at large actually," said Aryen Moore-Alston.

And of course there's the economic "side" to Black Restaurant Week.

Organizer Cynthia Daniels says the idea is geared specifically toward minority owned restaurants for a few good reasons.

"Highlighting those African American eateries that don't necessarily have the marketing budgets to really get out and promote. So I thought it would be best to create a platform where we could celebrate all of them," said Cynthia Daniels, organizer.

In addition to mouth watering chicken and waffles and decadent sweets you'll find at the H M Dessert Lounge in Midtown, diners will find some irresistible bargains like a $15 two-course lunch and a $25 three-course dinner.

H M co-owner Fran Mosley says the food options will surely erase the notion black restaurants serve only "soul food."

"We have vegan restaurants on the list, we have cupcakes, we have other dessert restaurants, we have southern fare of course. But chicken and waffles is not necessarily "soul food" either," said H M co-owner Fran Mosley.

Here are the featured restaurants for 2017 Black Restaurant Week:

H M Dessert Lounge, DeJavu, Scoops Parlor, The Choo, Cafe7/24, Sweet Potato Baby, Perignons, The Office At Uptown, Two Vegan Sistas, Underground Cafe, Best Friends Grille, Guilt Free Pastries, Cupcake Cuties, Phillip Ashley Chocolates.