Police investigating reported rape on Beale Street

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MEMPHIS - Memphis Police are investigating a reported rape in the heart of the downtown entertainment district.

Investigators said the alleged suspect is still on the loose.

"It's a new area, we`re not familiar with the area and to hear that this crime of that caliber going on really makes you skeptical about coming out," said Brenda Lee.

"It makes me a little nervous, it makes me think okay we don`t want to stay out here too late just in case something pops off," added Kiara Lee.

The incident report said the woman was attacked at the Tap Room between 6:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. Saturday. Officers made the scene about two hours later.

"It makes me feel sad that it happened," said Kris Gleason. "It just causes you to be careful and not to be anywhere alone but doesn't matter where you are."

As we head into Beale's "busy season" Ken Taylor with the Beale Street Merchants Association told WREG his organization is definitely looking into security measures to make sure customers have a safe experience.

"First off any time an event like this ever happens our hearts go out to the victim," said Taylor. "We`ll look at this situation, we`ll come to the table and come up with new innovative ways to make sure, if this in fact did occur that nothing like this ever happens again on Beale."

An Arizona tourist here on vacation told WREG's Kristen Holloway while she feels horrible about what happened, she still feels safe.

"That`s tragic, I feel bad that Beale Street may get a reputation for that because it`s not that kind of a street," said Gleason. "I felt very safe walking up and down, everybody was friendly." "I love Beale Street, it was wonderful... It was a wonderful experience."

Again, the suspect is still on the loose tonight, and this investigation is ongoing.