Police: 44 dogs rescued from one-room apartment in New York

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CNN Wire

NEW YORK — A rescue shelter in New York was overwhelmed this week after 44 dogs were rescued from a small apartment.

The 34 adult dogs and 10 puppies were discovered inside a one-room apartment in Utica after neighbors complained about smells, WKTV reported. Crammed inside the small apartment, the animals had very little room and were even living in unsanitary conditions. There was reportedly feces and urine everywhere inside the home, sources reported.

With the influx of new guests, the CNY SPCA was forced to shut their doors in order to find them all room. They even put out a notice on their Facebook page asking for help to care for the animals.

Reports stated the woman living in the apartment was a hoarder. At this time, it’s unclear if she will face any charges.