Panola County man says he was shot in the head riding his ATV on rural highway

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QUITMAN COUNTY, Miss. -- A north Mississippi man is thankful to be alive after he said he was shot in the head while riding his ATV on a rural road.

The victim said he was riding on Highway 315, near the Panola, Quitman County line when he was shot by someone in a passing truck.

A swollen forehead with stitches shows where a bullet grazed Monroe Jefferson.

"I fell forward cause it hit me—tossed my head like that," said Jefferson.

The 53-year-old Panola County man described the initial pain.

"Felt like a blast…pow!"

Recovering and now home from the hospital, Jefferson said he was out for an evening ride on his ATV Tuesday night off rural Highway 315, not far from his home.

As he was riding, he saw a black truck approaching him on the opposite side of the highway. He said he didn’t think much of it.

"I was just riding—this black truck when it got to me just shot, boom! I seen the blue fire from the gun, it’s all I seen," he explained.

Realizing he was shot, Jefferson frantically rode his ATV several miles to the small community of Sledge.

"All I’m thinking about is praying to God I get some help, safety," he said.

From there, family took him to the hospital. While he’s okay, doctors said he’ll need surgery.

News of the violence has left those in the small farming community shocked.

"It’s quiet. I be in the house most of the time," said neighbor Gloria Beals.

For the father of six, who’s lived the majority of his life in the area, there are now questions.

"I wonder why it happened? I don’t bother nobody. I figured I don’t got no enemies," said Jefferson.

However through the pain he's still found a way to smile.

"Ya I’m hurt but thank God I’m still talking, I’m still standing.”

All law enforcement has told WREG is that they are investigating the shooting.

So far, no word on the person who pulled the trigger.