District Attorney Office details Alexio Allen shooting death

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Memphis Police Officer Leon Dickson is still relieved of duty almost a year after he shot and killed Alexio Allen.

Dickson said he feared for his life when he killed Allen last March and the District Attorney agreed, refusing to bring charges against Officer Dickson.

The Shelby County District Attorney's Office released all the investigative files Tuesday night and we've been combing through hundreds of pages of documents, audio and video files to better understand what happened that day.

The files that were just released were given to District Attorney Amy Weirich back in July. She has been looking at the case since then.

The Memphis Police Department didn't get to look at this evidence until the end of January as they determine whether Dickson followed department policy.

According to authorities, it all began when the man's sister called 911.

Dispatch 911 call: "A female call is requested an ambulance for her brother, with mental condition. He is hallucinating and hearing voices. Fire department was notified."

Allen's sister Nastasha Lagaite spoke with us just hours after the shooting.

"I told them he is hallucinating he's hearing voices, so y'all really can't help we are trying to get him to an ambulance over here to take where we need to take him," said Lagaite.

In the newly released recordings, Dickson walks us through what he remembers.

"I asked Alexio 'How you doing? What's going on?'," said Dickson. "He says 'Man, ain't nothing going on, I`m alright.' He said 'You just left here.' I said 'Yeah, I did just leave here but we`re back so I`m just trying to make sure you're okay,'" said Dickson.

At that point, Dickson was notified by another officer there's a gun in the house and then haunting words from Allen.

"The last thing I remember him saying was 'We`re all gonna die. We`re all going to hell,'" said Dickson. "Then he disappears into the room."

"The first individual I made contact with she yells out 'He`s going to get a gun,'" said Dickson.

Witnesses said Allen's fiancee retrieved a rifle to give it to police, but Allen grabbed it too and the couple struggled over it. Dickson said Allen's family and the other two officers ran for cover.

"They`re fighting over this shotgun. They`re in the doorway where I'm at and I'm telling them 'Drop it, drop it, drop it,'" said Dickson.

Dickson said the gun was pointed at his chest so he fired four shots.

"I was in fear for my life and also trying protect the other individuals in the house, my fellow officers and his sisters," said Dickson.

In a statement from Allen's fiancee, she said she was never scared of Allen, but did call family members for help.