Texas teen drives off parking garage, lands upside down on store roof

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HOUSTON — A teen is lucky to be alive after he drove his car off a parking garage, then ended up flipped on the roof of a store.

Police in Houston said the driver apparently hit the gas pedal instead of the brake when he drove off the parking structure Sunday. His car landed through the roof of a plumbing and hardware store. After crashing upside down through the roof, firefighters arrived to find the driver had climbed out of his vehicle and actually made his way inside that store.

“There’s an area called the Truss Loft, and he was able to climb out of there, climb into the Truss Loft through the debris and out to the showroom area,” said Captain Al Castillo with the Houston Fire Department.

“He had blood on him and Terry said he was covered in sheet rock. The general manager,” said Yasmine Tibi, who works nearby.

Reporter: “Sheet rock? Part of the wall?”

“Oh yeah, yeah. Part of the wall.”

The driver was taken to an area hospital for treatment. His condition is unknown.

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