Horn Lake family wakes up to a stranger’s arm reaching through their window

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HORN LAKE, Miss. -- Much of Horn Lake is on edge after as many as seven burglaries were reported on the same day.

One family said they woke up to a stranger's arm reaching through their front window.

"He comes through here," said Abby Brown. "He's walking, and he sees the window, so he's slowly creeping to it."

Brown's husband just tried to stay calm when he noticed the stranger's hand early Sunday morning at their home on Tulane.

His pregnant sister and her two young children were asleep on the couch feet away, and his three young kids were in the next room.

"He jumped at the window and pulled the blinds, and he tried to scope out where they were going," said Brown.

The stranger got away, and Brown called police.

"The fact that there is two cars here, there are clearly people at home. What were their intentions? What did they want?" asked Brown.

She thinks the person was a burglar. Someone going great lengths to break in.

"They had taken the box and put it up over the light I guess to cover their shadow," she said pointing to her front porch light.

The screen was also torn off and thrown in the yard. The blinds ripped. The window pried open.

"They had it lifted all the way up," she said describing the window.

Brown doesn't know if there was more than one person involved or where they went. She just knows other neighbors called police Sunday too.

Officers responded to at least seven burglaries. Three of which were a street over.

Some reported in busy shopping centers too.

"Is this all connected or makes you wonder if they just pinpointed us?" said Brown.

Whatever the case, Brown is just glad she didn't turn on the heat that night.

"What was going to come if he hadn't have walked in here? I joked with him be glad I keep the house cold," she said.

WREG contacted Horn Lake detectives about the burglaries, but as of Monday night, we haven't heard back.