Car buyers shot in Blytheville

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BLYTHEVILLE, Ark. -- Two people are recovering at home after they were shot trying to buy a car on-line in Northeast Arkansas. The shooter is still on the run.

"I saw this car on a yard sale site on Facebook," said Larry Jones.

Jones, who lives in Missouri, is talking about the Kennett Yard Sales page.He recently spotted a post advertising a 2008 Dodge Avenger.

"It kind of pull me in because it was on sale for $3,000 and I'm like that's pretty cheap, so I inbox the guy who put it on there,'' said Jones.

Jones said the man asked him to meet in Blytheville near Walls and Ruddle.

He told WREG, he knew something was strange when he got to the Clear Lake Apartments and noticed the post of the car had disappeared. That's when he look up and saw a man holding a gun.

"I was stuck, couldn't say nothing, I was just looking at the guy and he was like 'Give me the money, give me the money,'" said Jones.

Jones said he told the man the money was in the trunk, hoping to get away.

"I saw the guy with the gun look back at the trunk and I heard 'go' so I just pulled off and that's when he shot me," said Jones. "I bled for like 10 minutes out of my neck before I got to the hospital."

His 7-month-old was in the back seat. Thankfully he was unharmed but his son's mother wasn't as lucky.

"When the bullet hit me, it went through my neck and hit her in the arm and fractured her arm," said Jones.

Jones said he has made transactions on social media before and those all went smoothly.

"I actually saw the car when I pulled up, I'm pretty sure it wasn't even their car, it was just something to get me down there," said Jones. "I was so eager to buy a car, you know they say the devil temps you and I guess that was temptation right there."

No arrest have been made, if you know anything about this crime, call the Blytheville Police Department at (870) 763-4411.