9-year-old hit by car still recovering at home

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- For Jorden Weston`s family every single step he takes reminds them just how much he`s endured in the last month—but also how far he`s come in a short time.

"It`s just a miracle. The paramedics said that when the car hit him he flipped three times before hitting the ground," said Carlos Rodgers, pastor of the New Chicago Church of God in Christ.

The 9-year-old child was hit by a car as he walked home from school last month—his liver bruised, and leg broken by the impact of the crash. For weeks, Jorden used a wheel chair to get around.

"I didn`t know what to expect. I have two sons. The caller just said 'Your son has been hit by a car,'" said Monica Weston.

She didn`t know which one of her sons she would find on the ground. Jorden does have a twin brother.

"When I got there I saw that it was Jorden. He wasn`t saying anything he was just crying."

This mother said she was just glad to find that the driver didn`t leave her son suffering alone.

"When I pulled up she was holding him, she was just apologetic -- 'I didn`t mean to hit him.'"

On Sunday, the family`s church held a benefit to raise money for the family since Jorden`s mother is not working so she can care for him. Everyone`s hoping Jorden gets back on track and gets his irresistible laugh back for good.