Few stars have invested so publicly — and heavily — in the marijuana industry as Calvin Broadus, better known as rapper Snoop Dogg. He has branded his own line of bud called Leafs by Snoop, created a marijuana news website and launched a $25 million venture capital fund for pot investing called Casa Verde, Spanish for “greenhouse.”

In turn, Casa Verde has invested $10 million into Eaze, a marijuana delivery service.

Snoop Dogg and other deep-pocketed celebrities investing in the industry are paving the way for broader acceptance, advocates argue.

“They’re helping to legitimize marijuana,” said Cheryl Shuman, founder of the Beverly Hills Cannabis Club. “Marijuana is fast becoming cool and glamorous.”

Some 26 states and Washington, D.C., have legalized the medical use of marijuana, and polls show a majority of Americans support repealing the federal ban on marijuana.