Warmer weather means pests and allergy problems

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Brace yourself! That pesky little insect we could all do without is once again buzzing around.

"When it gets this warm out there are a couple kinds of species that when it hits 70 degrees no matter if it`s January, February or August."

Ture Carlson, is an entomologist with Shelby County`s Vector Control. He monitors the mosquito population in the county. He said right now it`s not so much that we`re seeing more mosquitoes, but we`re seeing them more often. We`ve had several days recently where the mercury exceeded 70 degrees.

Now his department is getting ready.

"That`s what we`re preparing for, an early season. Larvaciding, which is where we go out and treat standing water, we`re starting that two to three weeks earlier this year as opposed to last year."

The warm weather isn`t just bringing out the mosquitoes. Perhaps you`ve seen trees blooming, popping up around town. Doctors said those can cause some problems too.

"We`ve definitely noticed an uptick in allergy symptoms that folks are experiencing with the weather being a little bit warm, a little bit more humid than we`re necessarily used to at this time of year."

Dr. Stephen Johnson is a primary care physician with Methodist Medical Group. He said right now people are used to having flu or cold symptoms. Those allergy symptoms we all dread can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint --a runny nose, itchy ears and throat, a cough, nasal congestion—he suggested several over the counter medications to try including Zytrec, Flonase and Claritin.

"Really the best way to differentiate between that and a sinus infection is to see your primary care doctor," he said.

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