Spike in wheel thefts being reported in Cordova area

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- On Monday morning, John Dowtin`s roommate's car looked a little different.

"When I went to work he had wheels still on his car."

Less than two hours later, the wheels had disappeared.

Downtin shared the pictures on Facebook and found he wasn`t the only one targeted by the bandits. Police say cars across the Bartlett-Cordova area are being left on logs. From neighborhoods to apartment complexes, these crooks don`t appear to discriminate.

"It was all the same type of cars-- Nissan, Honda's, Toyota's.

The victims said the cars also had another thing in common-- a pair of top of the line rims that cost drivers a pretty penny.

Once the get the wheels they want, the bandits leave the car behind on top of firewood.

At this time, police won't say whether or not the crimes are connected.

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