Deputy shot, suspect killed in South Memphis

Southaven Police investigating after shots fired in neighborhood

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SOUTHAVEN, Miss. -- A banged up car, a pile of clothes and crime scene tape is all that's left at the scene of a shooting at Southaven Circle West.

"Extremely scary. My kids were outside playing when it happened and my heart dropped for a minute because I was scared. I didn't know what was going on," said neighbor Beth Albright.

She said she rushed to get her kids to safety.

"I heard a lot screaming and yelling at first and when I opened the door to look outside there was two shots fired."

That's when she called police.

"Next thing I knew, another vehicle pulled up and a guy jumped out and they started arguing and fighting," said Albright.

She and other neighbors said this all circles around what appears to be a love triangle.

"The wife, she brought her boyfriend home and the husband was there, and that's what caused the whole issue."

Neighbors said one of the men drove his car into the other man's car several times.

Albright said this was not the first time they've heard gunshots on this street.

"We've had issues but usually Southaven Police Department is pretty good about staying on top of everything that's going on, but this is really to close for home."

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