Southaven mayoral candidate suing the city

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SOUTHAVEN, Miss. — A Southaven mayoral candidate is suing the city.

Tommy Henley said the campaign rules are unfair because they are set up in favor of incumbents, as well as violating his First Amendment rights.

The lawsuit takes issue with limitations on the size, number and style of signs allowed during the campaign.

The suit also questions why signs are banned until 45 days before the election. Henley said that makes if difficult for candidates to get their name out, especially when their competition is already well-known.

The current mayor, Darren Musselwhite, said the rules were created long before him in response to the citizens’ concerns about pollution in the city. There was no limit to the amount of signs that could be posted, and there were no rules as to when they had to be removed.

Musselwhite also said, in part, it is alarming that a mayoral candidate would sue the city and very people he is asking to hire him while knowing it costs the taxpayers of the city money in legal fees he requested in the lawsuit.

Musselwhite took the place of former embattled Mayor Greg Davis.

Now Henley is working to unseat Musselwhite.

Primary elections for the top spot are May 2. The general election is June 6.

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