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Mother of murder victim relives nightmare as dead son is served warrant

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A visit by police rips the band-aid off a fresh wound for a mother who just lost her son to an act of violence.

"Police start beating on my door. I told my daughter 'Open the door for them.' I asked them what's going on they said 'We looking for Muwani Dewberry,'" said Regina Searssessel.

That's when Dewberry's mother said her heart broke all over again. Her son was shot and killed back in January.

"He was like 'Where is Muwani Dewberry?' I said 'Muwani Dewberry, that is my son. He is dead,'" added Searssesel.

It was all over a child support warrant.

"One of the officer’s said 'Let me see the obituary.' I had to show him the obituary," said Searssessel.

According to Shelby County Sheriff’s Office deputies were just doing their jobs.

"I mean it happens. There’s no system to purge people off the warrant list when they die. The family knows but nobody calls us," said Earle Ferrell.

The Shelby County Sheriff's Office spokesman said officers have to ask to see death certificates and obituaries because in the past people have lied to try and get loved ones out of warrants.

"No system is perfect, but the way it works now is until proof is shown to the courts you are still on the list," added Ferrell.

For Searssessel the ordeal made the pain of her loss sting a lot more.

"I’m not able to grieve over my son because of this unnecessary mess that is going on,"she said.

Now that Dewberry is dead and no longer a wanted man, Searssessel looks forward to starting the healing process as her son finally rests in peace.

The men accused of killing Dewberry are expected to face a judge Thursday. Lloyd Crawford and Anthony Ellis are charged with reckless homicide.

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