Wild dogs roam neighborhood, kill family pet

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- People in Parkway Village claim wild dogs are terrorizing their neighborhood.

Neighbors said a pack roams the streets, barking at children walking to school and the dogs attacked and killed a family pet.

It happened on Ginger Circle.

Danielle Jones let her 9-year-old dachshund out to go to the bathroom Thursday morning.

"This black pit-bull came around the car and chased him. Chased him over here," she said pointing a street corner.

Seconds later, an entire pack of wild dogs pound on Tyson. Jones screamed.

"Attacking him like a ragdoll. Swinging him back and forth. I'm like Tyson, 'Come on! Come on!'" said Jones.

Her husband eventually fought the pack off with a stick.

"I held him and was like, 'Come on Tyson, come on. Just come on and fight.' He just closed his eyes," she said.

Tyson died and the pack of dogs continues to roam free.

"Kind of scary looking. Kind of skinny," said Jody Webster.

He and other neighbors have seen the pack. Some claim they've almost been attacked.

"We definitely have a history going to the street in particular," said Memphis Animal Services Director Alexis Pugh.

Pugh said September was the last time someone complained on Ginger Circle about stray dogs.

"We had residents who were concerned about their ability to walk safely through their neighborhood," she said.

Push said once her office gets a complaint, officers will investigate, find a pattern and even saturate the area.

As for Jones, she buried Tyson right next to his favorite tree.

"Dogs become a part of your family. You know, and he was my best friend. He was my baby," she said.

MAS said anytime you see stray dogs, report it by calling their office, 311 or MPD's non-emergency line.

Pugh said in September, they were able to catch several dogs near Ginger Cricle after a complaint was made.