Riverside may soon close to make way for pop-up park

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Reaction ranged from excitement to disapproval after Memphians learned about plans for a seasonal pop-up park along Riverside Drive a day after they were released to the public.

"I don`t think that`s a very good idea at all," resident Walter Scurlock confessed.

"I think the idea of having a pop-up park is cool. Maybe if they could do it somewhere where they don`t have to shut down a street for it," added Marley Bowers.

The Riverfront Development Corporation said it will likely start working on the park at the end of April. The park will be open every summer going forward.

"There will be a place for food trucks, seating, shade, activities such as ping pong tables and badminton and volleyball probably," said a representative from the organization.

But most people we spoke to had big concerns about shutting down Riverside Drive, which already closes one month each year for Memphis in May.

"I think shutting down Riverside Drive would keep a lot of people from being able to get down here. I just think that opening it, then closing it, that just don`t make sense to me."

But like it or not, it's something all of us will likely have to get used to.

"I think if you said today what the chances of it happening, it`s 95 percent or above."

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