Berclair home deemed a public nuisance

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- The Shelby County District Attorney's Office closed a home in Berclair after it was deemed a public nuisance for alleged drug and gang activity.

"Thank you very much is all I can say for whoever is responsible."

Neighbors said they're glad something is finally being done about it, saying they've called police more than 60 times in the last year.

"Sixty times last year alone for what going on. The constant drug dealing going on at night, fighting, shooting, just day and night," said neighbor Walter Bemis.

Investigators said the home on Ronnie Avenue was the scene of ongoing issues like drugs, gunfire and fights since April 2015.

"We have been calling the police constantly for three years and they haven`t done anything until just now."

According to investigators, a woman named Betty Pratt lived in the home. Authorities said she was on probation for cocaine possession. She was arrested earlier this month on new drug charges.

But her son, Antonio Milan, told WREG his mother is innocent.

"This is not true they say that my mom allegedly was caught with some drugs paraphernalia in a store and whatever."

Pratt has been accused in the past of operating a home that was considered a public nuisance.