Team Read is helping Shelby County students achieve excellence

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MEMPHIS, Tenn--  WREG is celebrating the success of Team Read.

You may remember News Channel 3's push for the Team Read program last fall.

More than a thousand people volunteered to teach second graders how to read, including our very own Alex Coleman and other WREG employees.

The results have been impressive.

"It's been very exciting to see a transformation to see them moving along. Moving in the right direction, and having some pride that they can, that they have and that they will be able to read," shared Warren Hopson a Team Read tutor helping out at Treadwell Elementary.

Results in one school where students aren't just learning to read English, but also Spanish, have been impressive.

Treadwell Elementary is the only dual immersion program in West Tennessee.

Parents are giving their children the option of learning in a traditional classroom or a Spanish immersion classroom.

When second grader Shiloh McDonald was asked is she choose to be part of the dual immersion program she said.

"No, my parents just put me in."

WREG asked her what she thinks about learning Spanish now.

"I love it!" Said McDonald with a smile.

Even team read tutors at Treadwell take notice of these kids.

“It’s interesting to know that non-Spanish speakers are interested in and enjoying speaking Spanish," shared Hopson.

Hopson also expressed that many of the English learning students who are in team read will often take the words they learn during their session and go home to share it with their siblings and even sometimes their parents.

Team read has allowed Treadwell to move from a level 2 school into a level 5 school.