MPD: Family Dollar could add off duty police officers to combat security concerns

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Memphis area residents may soon see beefed up security at some area discount stores.

Memphis Police Colonel Samuel Hines says they recently met with roughly 20 managers from Family Dollar.

A News Channel 3 investigation showed the retailer leads the way in calls for service to police, it also has the most stores in the area.

"It was obviously on Family Dollar's radar as well as our radar," said Col. Hines.

Hines says they discussed security concerns like better lighting and cameras.

He also says the retailer is heavily leaning toward adding off duty police officers to certain stores.

"The officer just has the experience to know what to look for and you know if he feels that a business is about to be robbed or if someone's thinking about robbing the business and you know, shoplifting."

Hines says they should know in the coming weeks if Family Dollar decides to step up security with off duty police.

He says overall, the meeting went well and the retailer wants to sit down again.

"They've reached back to us and they want to have a meeting again where there will be about 60, plus of their managers out of this part of the region."

Hines says the idea of a second meeting is to discuss even more ideas and almost provide a bit of training for the workers inside the stores on a daily basis.

He says he hopes this partnership spreads to other discounts stores and other retailers in general, looking to learn more about how to provide better security.

A Family Dollar spokesperson would only confirm the meeting took place. He reiterated their positive working relationship with MPD.