Businesses in Memphis close for ‘Day Without Immigrants’

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- It’s an unusual sight for businesses to proud of: Lights off and doors locked.

“We’re going to stand with our people and do what we think is right," said Diana Perez whose family owns Caminos De Michoacan in Berclair.

Perez said it was no question whether or not they’d participate in the “Day Without Immigrants.”

“This says, 'Let’s all get together,'" she said. "It says, 'Don’t go to work. Don’t open up our businesses,' as clearly we did today.”

Several businesses across town joined the mission to send a message through their unlit signs and social media posts. The immigrant workers wanted to show our community what it’d be like without them and highlighted the contributions they make in the United States.

“We’re all important," said Marisol Morales, who works at Ranchito Taqueria. "We’re all people. We all have a life. We all have a future here."

More importantly, they said they want a productive future.

“We’re asking immigrants to join into the cause to show this is a nation of immigrants," said Perez. "We’re not just here taking your jobs and taking your money and doing all of that.”

Many immigrants stayed home from work and school.

“I emailed my professors and they were all very supportive, like, 'Yeah we support all this,'" said Perez. "[It was] good stuff.”

They also vowed not to spend their money at stores or online on Thursday.

“So they can see, we do something for the United States," said Morales.

A country they think everyone should feel accepted in.