Crook pries open metal security door,robs home

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Big bars of steel guard the doors of many home on West Perkins, but police say they weren't strong enough Tuesday morning.

The homeowners said someone pried off the bars with a crowbar, then kicked in the door. Later that day, right around the corner on Hummingbird Lane, another homeowner told police someone tried to pry open his door, leaving marks. This time the suspect didn't get in.

"The door is — can be somewhat rather vulnerable because it is locking into rather soft wood."

Don Freudenberg with Absolute Security said metal security bars are great deterrents, but won't always stop a crook from getting in. He recommended installing a jamb enforcer.

When it comes to windows, burglar bars are great,  but not foolproof. Freudenberg said he uses the Tapco Security Shield, which you can pick up for just a few hundred bucks.

"We`ve attacked it with a ball bat, a battering ram and at no time did it fail."