Navy veteran stages own protest by hanging flag upside down

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NEW YORK — A Navy veteran in New York is staging his own protest at his Long Island home and not everyone is happy about it.

James Klein first hung an American flag upside down on Inauguration Day to protest the election of President Donald Trump.

Klein said since putting up the flag, he’s received hate mail and calls. Someone even stole the flag.

“People think I’m not patriotic. I’m not disrespecting that flag. I’m disrespecting the man who got into office,” he told WABC.

He said the most hurtful comments come from fellow veterans.

A lot of veterans are doing it to me too, and the veterans understand, when they raise their hand they uphold the Constitution,” he said. “This is my constitutional right to do this. The veterans just don’t understand that.”

His neighbors said they stand by him, not because they necessarily agree with him, but because of who he is.

“He’s such a kind man. To be receiving all this hate mail, the comments and all that. You don’t know Mr. Klein. He’s the best neighbor around.”