Massachusetts couple reunites everyday in nursing home

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WESTWOOD, Mass. — A Massachusetts couple is celebrating nearly 70 years of marriage.

And even though they now have to live apart, they manage to spend time together every single day.

The couple tells WCVB their secrets to long-lasting love.

Every visit starts the same way, and on Valentine’s Day, Bill and Priscilla Wilcox show us all what that looks like.

The couple has been married 69 years this year.

“She’s an outgoing person who likes people, and she kept me out of trouble — or tried to — we just kept it going,” Bill said.

And it’s still going strong to this day.

Priscilla’s memory is starting to abandon her. She now lives at Bridges by Epoch in Westwood, a facility for people with dementia and Alzheimer’s.

For nearly every day for the past year, Bill has made the five-minute journey from his home to have lunch with his sweetie.

“Oh yeah, I wouldn’t abandon my little baby here,” Bill said. “I have to see my wife…we’re still in love.”

If you happen to miss this sprite couple’s PDA’s in the cafeteria, their love is literally on full display in the lobby of the facility, including this now 166-year-old wedding dress Priscilla wore on her wedding day from her great-great-great-grandmother.

There’s also a full-page Life magazine advertisement that featured the young couple.

“She’s just as pretty as when I married her,” Bill said.

“He’s a wonderful man, he is very good, he’s kind, gentle,” Priscilla said.

It’s a love story for the ages — we don’t have to spell it out; Bill and Priscilla have figured it out.

“Haven’t, we Bill?”

“Yes, ma’am, I’m not going to argue with you on that point.”

Truer words have never been spoken.