Suspect accused of chaining girlfriend in shed appears in court

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NORTH CAROLINA — A North Carolina man accused of kidnapping and chaining his girlfriend in a shed appeared in court on Wednesday.

Gary McNair has formally been charged with second-degree kidnapping. He’s currently being held without bond, WTVD reported.

The victim told authorities she and McNair were visiting his mother when they got into a heated argument. She said the 52-year-old had been drinking when she said she “didn’t want him no more.” That’s when McNair reportedly got physical.

He tied her up and put her in the shed for about 45 minutes.

It was the suspect’s mother who heard the commotion Tuesday evening and called police, WNCN reported.

“I said, ‘Oh my God! What in the world?’ I hurried up and shut my door.”

When deputies arrived, they found the victim and McNair both in the shed.

“This fool dragged me in the shed, had the rope around me like a d*** hog, and chained me up. I thought I was going to lose my life,” the victim told the media outside the courthouse on Wednesday.

According to WRAL, this is not the first time McNair has been in trouble with the law. He faces another domestic violence charge against another woman.