Southaven Police warn shoppers to stay alert

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SOUTHAVEN, Miss. -- Police in Southaven are confirming they're looking into a bizarre case that was either a random act of kindness or something worse.

It centers around new surveillance pictures showing a stranger kneeling near a woman's car in the Walmart parking lot. The man told the woman her car was leaking oil and offered to help, but she had her doubts.

What happened last Thursday may have been totally innocent, a good Samaritan helping a woman because he thought her car was leaking oil. However, the woman told police she felt like someone purposely damaged her car.

"You could see the gentlemen approach her car while she was in the store and while she was gone," said Lt. Mark Little. "The video actually does show him looking down at the car and getting down and looking but once he is out of sight you don`t see what else happens."

Southaven Police said the man tapped on her window to let her know oil was leaking from her car.

"He actually reached down sampled it, thought it was motor oil and said she should probably go to an AutoZone," said Lt. Little.

parking-lotThe man offered to follow her to make sure she made it okay but the woman said no. Instead she went to a Ford dealership where a mechanic told her the leak was really transmission fluid not oil. That's not all they found- the transmission line had been cut.

Police said they're not yet accusing the man of wrongdoing. He may have just being doing a good deed but the transmission line was cut somehow and they hope people will be alert.

"He could`ve noticed that there was fluid and try to determine what it was and alert her before she came out," said Lt. Little. "We don`t know the answer to that and that`s what we`re trying to do, determine who he is."

Walmart has security but shoppers said they'd like to see more.

"Makes me want to be more aware of what's going on and watching my car when I come out," said Cathy Lewis.

"It's definitely really scary especially having a kid,' said Chelsea Starnes.

"She made the right choice obviously. She was very smart and very observant," said Lewis.

Lt. Little said if this happended to you and you recognize the man in the photos, call the Southaven Police Department. Little said if they see a pattern, they will take their investigation in a different direction.